Another Stay

So… sorry to be incommunicado.

I was home all of three days and then woke up last Monday morning to a really freaky thing. At first I thought my ostomy bag was exploding all over, but then it became apparent that no, it was in fact my stomach that was gushing fluid all over. It turned out to be an abscess, for lack of a better term really, as it was not full of infection. But it was a fluid filled area that felt the need to relieve itself of the pressure so it chose to come out some of the weakened parts that had been sutures.

So back to the hospital we went and I spent another week there. Best guess as of now is that it’s fluid and die-off from the cancer treatment, which is in fact continuing to work. My CA-125 was 313 last week, down from a high of 512. The white blood cells that they trained to see my particular cancer are presumably just in there munching away, so yay!

I did have to have a drain line placed, and then sized up, which is why I was in for a week, recuperating, healing, and having pain meds.

So here’s hoping I am home for awhile. Ugh.

3 thoughts on “Another Stay

  1. PATRICIA A. MCNULTY August 12, 2020 — 4:08 pm

    So sorry Andrea about this last bout in the hospital. Hope that you are feeling better and able to stay home where you are more comfortable. My best to you, Grant and Montana.

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  2. So glad your numbers are looking better! Now to get the rest of the ducks in a row!

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  3. I think, with this virus thing, you’re supposed to STAY HOME!

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