Home Again

I was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon. They decided that I was stable enough to go home. My numbers aren’t perfect but I am out of the danger zone and we have a plan in place. Basically that plan is a return to TPN, or IV nutrition. That will help with fluid intake as well as nutrition and electrolyte balancing.

Also they want me/us to keep very good records of the volume of output from the ileostomy to make sure it is really slowing down to a more acceptable level. Just to be watching for dehydration. Also to track liquid input to make sure that output is not greatly surpassing input. At least now I know what low sodium levels feel like so I can respond to a situation sooner if necessary.

It does kind of feel like a step back to do TPN again. However I can still eat, and this will provide a foundation of support while my intestines wake up and get better at absorption.

I am back to having to deal with edema due to all the fluids they pumped into me. Also, apparently it’s a function of malnutrition, that without enough protein, blood vessels leak fluid out into surrounding tissues, but as my protein level increases it should get reabsorbed into the blood stream and get processed out by the kidneys.

So in the meantime I am hanging out in a gravity chair in the backyard experiencing summer of which I missed a week while in hospital. It’s nice to have something else at which to look.

Grant and Montana continue to be excellent at caregiving and support. Send some positive vibes their way, as caretaking is hard. I am grateful for their support as there are just some things I cannot do for myself right now.

More as events warrant. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. Thank you Grant for taking such good care of my girl! 🥰

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  2. PATRICIA A. MCNULTY August 4, 2020 — 8:03 pm

    Glad to read some news. I can only imagine how hard it must be to let time heal you. It is a wait-and-see situation lived in slow motion. I am glad Montana and Grant are so present in your life and active in your care. It is a hard job to care for anyone, young or old, healthy or not. They are to be commended. My best vibes to you all.

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