Tomorrow’s the Big Day

Tomorrow is surgery. I am so ready. It will be such a relief to be relieved of all this extra fluid and to be able to start eating again, slowly and carefully. This week I have had a lot of nausea so that’s another thing I won’t miss.

The procedure is at 7 a.m. PDT and could last five hours. They will resection any portions of bowel which are compromised by cancer. I’m also going to ask, and it may be too late, but in conventional land there is a treatment of pouring chemo into the abdominal cavity and sloshing it around. It is pretty harsh. But I’m wondering if they could do that with one of their natural chemos. We’ll see. It only occurred to me recently so it may be too late.

In any case I am so looking forward to getting back to more normal existence, and continuing my health and wellness path including good food.

So wish me well, send good vibes, pray good prayers, and I’ll see you on the other side!

6 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s the Big Day

  1. Oh Andrea, many thanks for this email. This morning I was thinking of you and wondering what is unfolding. You are and will be in my prayers….  May the PEACE of the true God enfold you. You are loved. With love,Lynn

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  2. Thought about you a lot this week. Trusting God’s plan for you is successful surgery and complete comfort and healing in the next few weeks. Love to you. Eleanor

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    1. Thank you Eleanor!


  3. Angela Brazil (Warwick) July 5, 2020 — 11:18 pm

    Thinking of you, baby girl! Praying hard, thinking hard, feeling hard, loving hard. Relief is coming. You maybe wouldn’t have seen this as relief prior to this journey, but it sure is now! You are so special and so loved. I’m so glad you’re still there, and wish you didn’t have to leave until at least the Big C is over. Then, I wish you and Grant could stay and enjoy life there, without the Big C. Hopefully soon, this will be a distant memory, and will be another chapter of life that you and everyone that went through it with you, can use for good. To be more thankful, grateful, insightful, mindful, inspired, motivated… and on, and on. Life is good. It’s always better than the alternative, and it’s worth fighting for. Someone is always going through something more difficult than you or I. Someone somewhere is enduring even worse than our very worst. Keep fighting, punkin pie. It’s not your job to be beautiful, powerful, strong or inspiring… but you are. I appreciate all you were, are, and will be. I know I speak for so many more, and I know anyone that knows you… for a long time or a little… deeply or superficially… feels they are a better human for it. Love, prayers, vibes, and all the feels… catch ya on the flip side when you wake up and feel strong enough to thumb us all a little note.

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