Almost Two Weeks In

I am now almost two weeks into treatment here at Sanoviv. People here are noticing a difference in me. I’m not really noticing it but people say I’m moving around better and my color is better. I’ve sure been having lots of treatments which are pro-health so I guess they are working.

I can’t begin to tell you everything I am receiving here but suffice it to say that they keep my schedule filled with consults with professionals, IV treatments, therapeutic massages (especially for my edema), Quiet Room, which is lying looking out at the beautiful ocean view and having various forms of electrical stimulation applied, … and I guess that’s mostly it. The professionals run a holistic gambit from doctors and nurses, to psychologists and mind-body therapists, to the chiropractor, nutritionist, massage therapists. I had the most delicious experience of reflexology on my edema-swollen feet this week. What comfort!

I continue to struggle with the effects of the intestinal obstruction. Because I am full of fluid and not able to eat, my stomach sits empty all day and night and left to its own devices will continue to crank out digestive juices which aren’t doing anything but causing me pain. So we’re gradually getting that under control but it is very disruptive when not controlled. It eventually leads to vomiting. Yesterday was especially rough for some reason. Towards the end of the day I couldn’t even keep down plain water. Ugh. A few things were different yesterday so maybe the extra nausea was due to one of those variables. Feeling better this morning.

So I’m going to stay an extra week because they are recommending surgery to unblock the intestines. Such a relief that will be! I’ll likely leave here being able to eat! So the plan is to continue through the three week cancer program, then have the surgery, recuperate a week and then go home. This would be the same surgery that Dr. G wouldn’t do, and I’m told no one else in Colorado will do if he won’t, but Dr. G does not have access to the anti-cancer treatments I’m getting here, to back it up. I may need to keep getting support from Sanoviv or other non-conventional sources post-surgery.

But I figure that nutrition and digestion are huge tools in the naturopathic anti-cancer toolbox so we’d better get that back online. Surgery is scheduled for 7/6. It will be major surgery again, full-open, as they say. So parts of me are leery but other parts are thrilled! What a relief it will be!

On another note, my “companions” have switched. Grant started the first week with me. Now he has gone home, alas, and my step-sister Lynne is here with me until Tuesday, grateful. Grant’s sister Emilia will come after that and then Grant’s step-daughter/spirit girl Montana will come for the last week. It is good to have family support here.

It continues to be gorgeous here. I enjoy looking for marine wildlife including seals and dolphins. There are plenty of pelicans who are fun to watch diving for fish. And the landscaping is also beautiful.

I must run for now to get ready for my first appointment of the day. But thought I would fill you in. More later.

8 thoughts on “Almost Two Weeks In

  1. Thanks for the update. I continue to remember you daily with concerns for your wellbeing and hope for healing.

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    1. Thank you Eleanor!


  2. Grateful for the update. (I check regularly.) It is so good to know you are in a beautiful, nurturing and supportive place. I hope we can get together when you get back. xoxo P

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  3. I have been thinking about you Andrea and praying for your healing. I had an uncle who had treatment there and everything they did for him was miraculous compared to US medicine. Glad you are going to have surgery, it’s time for some big measures! Blessings!

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    1. Good to hear! Thank you. I think about you too. How are you doing?


  4. Good to see your update A! I look forward to getting there, and settling in. Think of you often throughout the days.
    🙏🤔💓😍 Take good care

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