The First Few Days

Whew! They are keeping me busy. Every day there is a schedule for me of places to go and things to do. For example, today started with lemon water at 6:30. Then vital signs at 6:50. Etc. But I am feeling good enough. My energy is good.

However I am still struggling with the edema in my feet, ankles, and legs. Dr. Ortega has a positive, hopeful plan on how to mitigate that. In the meantime I’m putting my legs up as often as possible.

It is good to feel that every interaction with professionals that I am having is geared specifically to me, very specifically to my particular situation, which is weird and non-standard at the time.

I am very glad to have the use of the walker. This would be much harder without it. Thank you Phyllis! Much love.

Our first meeting with Dr. Ortega was hope-filling that something can be done about the bowel obstruction. Fingers crossed! We’ve heard some amazing stories already.

They provide us with all natural organic cotton clothing and our own personal pair of Sanoviv Birkenstocks. I’m glad they are velcro and expandable in order to fit my feet’s whims.

So it’s really part hospital, part luxury spa. The setting is gorgeous. Turns out this was the former Levi-Strauss estate on which the hospital was built. But I would be remiss to leave you with only that impression.

All the professionals have been very impressive and, well, professional. And there are a wide range of disciplines represented, all for healing body and mind. I had Mind Body class today at 7:00. I’ll have Psychologist and Chiropractor appointments later, as well as IV infusions and hyperthermia.

There are Thalasso pools at various temperatures for relaxation and detox. Some of the things offered I cannot fully experience due to my G-tube drainage, as I’m not supposed to soak it. Which is a bummer. Because there are lots of delicious opportunities for swimming or soaking.

Another is the delicious food which I cannot eat but Grant is enjoying. I have my TPN. I am hopeful that will change due to treatment.

So, all is going well. Thank you for your support and love. More later.

10 thoughts on “The First Few Days

  1. Oh thank you thank you for sharing. A joy to know you are there receiving such care! Warm greetings to Grant, SO glad to know he is there with you. 🌼

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  2. The positive report is filled with hope.

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  3. It sounds amazing. This will kick the cancers butt!!!🙏🏻❤️

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  4. PATRICIA A. MCNULTY June 18, 2020 — 7:15 pm

    Wonderful news. Glad Grant is with you.

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  5. Andrea,

    So glad to hear you and Grant made it safely. Very glad the walker is pitching in to help. The place sounds heavenly. I can barely wait to hear all about it. I think of you every day. I am wishing you well, happy, peaceful and loved.



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  6. So happy your experience is pampering you all over, you deserve it 😍💐💕

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  7. Glad you are getting special care that is making you feel better! Still praying for you!

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