Doing bettah…

So, after figuring out the meds balance, with the help of my PCP, Palliative Care, and the ER docs, I have stabilized into a better, non-pained place. It was a thing that was precipitated by insurance, yes insurance, that they didn’t authorize a new med on Friday, and of course everything is shut down over the weekend, except the ER, which is why we ended up there. The new med is a transdermal patch of fentanyl in a small but continual dose. The pharmacist at the hospital really came to the rescue because the various other offices / docs felt like their hands were tied, but she said she was authorized to slap one on me at the hospital yesterday, just one, and that should last me until I can get the actual prescription authorized and filled on Monday, hopefully.

I also need to find a new source, again, for the THC/CBD combo as where I had been told to shop didn’t carry it the last time I checked. But it is an important part of my regimen. I’m told there is also a transdermal patch for that which might be helpful. It would certainly be better and more consistent than me setting alarms to do sublingual every three hours or so. Would allow me to sleep longer at night, too.

Yesterday and some today has just been recuperating. But I’m getting my strength back to be able to function better. I am in the right space of pain relief but brain functioning which is awesome. Just the right balance.

So one of the things Grant and I continue to discuss, and I am working towards, is interacting with Sanoviv and their Advanced Care for Cancer Program regarding whether they feel they could help me. I have sent in a bunch of records, and a medical history questionnaire. I am hopeful that they will have further things to help me. So we’ll wait for a consult hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday, and then know more what to do. We’ll definitely be asking for fundraising help if they think it’s a go. So more on that when we know what we’re talking about. Again if there’s anyone with great marketing or fundraising skills who could help us, that would be great. And if there’s anyone with either access to a private jet or airline miles to spare that would be cool, too.

And look, they have a piano, too!

Thank you, again, to you who have been donating money, time, things. It is wonderful to feel so supported. Merci bien. 🙏🏼❤️😘

More when we know more.

1 thought on “Doing bettah…

  1. PATRICIA A. MCNULTY June 5, 2020 — 11:06 pm

    Just catching up with your journal. Glad to know you are feeling some relief. I hope you get a good response from Mexico. I don’t have a FB account, but maybe there is a way to contact more people and quicker by using that avenue to seek additional funding. When you know more about Mexico, you can look into that. Have a restful weekend.

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