I got discharged yesterday.


We made a stop by Grant’s dad’s and step-mom’s house to pick up some household medical equipment which might be useful, as well as by a medical equipment non-profit thrift store, to buy a gently-used, pretty inexpensive shower seat.

Home Care Nurse

Then home in time to meet the home care nurse who was coming for the first visit to train us up on how do to my nutritional IVs. I had no idea it would, but that appointment took four and a half hours! Starting at 5:00 p.m. Ugh. So many questions. So many signatures. So much chatting. By the end I was fried and ready for bed, but at least I was hooked up to my dinner. I had a brief crying melt down, and then to bed for me. Grant was amazed by how much better I was at my next medication waking, how much good even just three hours of good sleep had done me. So I proceeded through my night getting up every three hours for pain meds, and to pee, and was pretty able to do it on my own without disturbing Grant too much.


This morning we had a virtual appointment with the CellectBudwig protocol person. The thing that had intrigued me about the protocol is that it had said on one of the introductory videos that it could be done even by those not able to eat or drink. Well, my impression after talking to her, is maybe, a little. We are going to watch the protocol videos to learn more.


Then we had to run out the door to get me to my PEMF session. That was good. Very relaxing. There are certain frequencies generated by this frequency generator, that are good at doing various things. So CJ used her intuitive healing skills and picked protocols that seemed appropriate for immune system support. She had said originally to do two days on, two days off. But she also said to just see how I feel later in the day. I’m feeling like I’d like to do another, so we’ll see what times she might have available tomorrow.

Nap & Alone

I did have a nap midday, as I was feeling a bit drained, and cold. My own bed is good. Much more comfortable than the hospital bed. And I’m not interrupted every so often by people wanting to measure things or give me things or poke me. That’s sort of a relief. But it’s also true that being home alone is a bit unnerving, as all the other adult humans left the house midday for various reasons. Probably fine. Not anticipating any problems. But feeling kind of vulnerable, just in case. Grant did check with a neighbor to see if she would be available to come over if I called. Luckily I haven’t needed her to, but it’s nice to know she was willing.

Energy Work

Also my friend Denise is doing distance energy work with me and she reported in on what’s been going on there. Suffice it to say, very interesting. She’s being shown things to do she’s never done before with anyone else, and at the very least, I’m a very interesting client. I am hopeful that it will heal me and cure me in all the ways that need healing and curing.

Juicing Trial

Grant and I tried having me intake a very small amount, 1 ounce, of homemade juice, that had been wrung through a cheesecloth. We clamped off my bag so it wouldn’t just go straight out, which it would. And I let the juice sit in my stomach for half an hour, maybe maybe that would allow some nutrients to be absorbed?? And then I unclamped the bag and voilà, there was all the orange carrot juice. It kept showing up in the stomach contents bag for a good two or three cycles of emptying said bag. It does seem the bag is still draining and I’m beginning to feel the uncomfortableness associated with fluid and/or gas build up in my belly. I’m wondering whether the G-tube needs flushing. I might call in the home health nurse to come check it. Okay, I’ve just called. We’ll see.

Design to Fruition

Grant should be home soon-ish. He’s been installing cabinets on a job that I designed for his client a year ago, and he sent a photo, and it’s lovely! My vision is becoming reality. I’m liking it!

Day Drawing to a Close

So anyway, it’s about time to get hooked up to my dinner.

Day is done, gone the sun,

From the lake, from the hills, from the sky;

All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Fading light, dims the sight,

And a star gems the sky, gleaming bright.

From afar, drawing nigh, falls the night.

Thanks and praise, for our days,

‘Neath the sun, ‘neath the stars, neath the sky;

As we go, this we know, God is nigh.

Sun has set, shadows come,

Time has fled, Scouts must go to their beds

Always true to the promise that they made.

While the light fades from sight,

And the stars gleaming rays softly send,

To thy hands we our souls, Lord, commend.


Photo credit: https://www.buckley.af.mil/News/Photos/igphoto/2001620099/

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Sending love and gratitude for your sharing. So glad for all the support around you. It was neat to see all the words for taps…what a lovely song! I am delighting in being a Grammy : ) Sweet dreams,Lynn

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    1. Delightful! You are going to be a wonderful Grammy!


  2. Sending all the healing thoughts to you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Catching up with you here and taking this in. Girl, I’m glad to hear of your resolve. Keep going. I’m cheering you on from afar and sending tons of love and light. 🙏🏼

    Liked by 1 person

  4. PATRICIA A. MCNULTY April 24, 2020 — 11:37 pm

    Hey, Andrea. Glad you are home. Thanks for the regular updates. My thoughts and good vibes to you and Grant. Much love.

    Liked by 1 person

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