G-Tube Installed

So it was going to be a bit iffy if they could get me in today to have the stomach venting tube installed. Otherwise it would have to wait until Monday. The appointment was scheduled for 6:45 p.m. today. However, I got woken up by a nurse first thing this morning to go do it. So it’s done. And it seems to be working appropriately. And it hurts. I’ve been on major pain meds, which knock me out. But the nurse thinks in about 24 hours from the procedure it will start calming down.

They haven’t yet taken out the NG tube. But I’d think that’s going to happen yet today as the G tube seems to be working. I just took a pain med orally, first official oral thing I’ve done in a week. This is going to be a trip.

I verified with the gyn-onc resident this morning that, no, in fact, there is no laparoscopy on Monday even though it is still on my schedule of appointments.

And I also verified that if in fact the bowel obstructions are due to cancer, that if the cancer retreats, then the obstructions will resolve. So that is the plan. Cancer, retreat! I will be working on that.

The docs wanted me to chat with the palliative care team, so that’s scheduled for tomorrow. No harm in chatting.

So that’s what I know for now.

Thanks for your support!

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