Help: Clamp Test

Hi folks. I need your help.

Today they are going to “clamp” my suction tube and see how I do. In other words, without suctioning off things out of my gastric system, do I do ok or does the pain come back? This will show if the blockages have resolved or are they still there. If I end up having pain again, an indication of blockage, then it’s time to remove the NG tube, and instead have surgery to install a pressure relieving valve directly into my stomach. I’d like to avoid that.

Grant was reminding me of things I know but forget to apply about visualization. I could be visualizing how I want my intestines to be and that will help them. He was referring to the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton at the time, although many others have also espoused this kind of inner work.

And then I also realized that there is power in group visualization, often referred to as prayer.

So if you would be so inclined, will you also visualize my intestines being completely normal, healthy, and functional today and moving forward?

Let’s help my body avoid any unnecessary cutting.

Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Help: Clamp Test

  1. Dear Andrea! I am thinking about you and praying for you! Stay strong!

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    1. Thank you Nataliya!


  2. Dear Andrea, My daughte Christie has been in labor today and a 3:05 the Baby was born! (We don’t know details yet…) As I have prayed for her opening and birthing I have prayed for openness and flow for you.   May this be so at every level!  With Hope, Lynn

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    1. Yay! Congratulations! Let me know when you know more.


  3. PRAYING FOR YOUR HEALTH TO IMPROVE !!!…..DAILY here in Ft. Collins 🙏

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  4. Andrea, I am just getting caught up on your blog right now. I will definitely help with this. I would love to catch up when you feel like it. xoxoxoxo. Phyl

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    1. Thanks Phyllis! Would love to catch up soon. I’ll email you. xxoo


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