NG Tube

So I have been in the hospital since Saturday. Once I got assigned a room, they installed a nasogastric tube and began suctioning off the contents of my stomach, both fluid and gas. This is to help relieve the pressure and pain in the intestines.

It seems to be working. I definitely got to feeling much better. And there was evidence that the blockage was also relieved, at least briefly Sunday morning, when I have to say I revelled a bit in passing gas. However nothing since then.

They are talking about stopping the suctioning for awhile, see how I do, and then if I’m doing ok, they’ll take out the tube, and let me start having liquid diet. So we’ll see.

The tube is definitely uncomfortable in my nose and throat so it will be nice to have it out. But of course larger issue is intestinal blockage. So we’ll see.

Dr. G didn’t make it up to my room yesterday but did call me on my cell. Apparently they are trying to not move around too much even within the hospital.

He said yes there is evidence of further cancer growth. Wants to do three more rounds of chemo, this time just Doxil & Avastin. And he’d leave off the Avastin the first time while my bowel is healing up. He’s wanting to do that first treatment while I’m here. It would be monthly. Too bad I don’t really have the option this time to fly off to Vancouver for hyperthermia right after. Just as well though. I’m in no fit state for travel now.

Another doctor had given a different, more dire reading of the situation and suggested it might be time to stop treatment for quality of life’s sake and basically just live out my days, however numbered they may be.

That was a kick in the gut, but after processing it I decided, no, I just got done watching all these very hope-filled Radical Remission stories. There’s LOTS yet that can still be done which are just not at all in that particular doctor’s wheelhouse. So forget that. Strengthened my resolve.

Dr. G said there might still need to be surgery but I haven’t heard anything more yet so I won’t speculate here and now.

I just got back from a walk around the ward. The snow has moved on, the sun is uncovered once again, and the views from this tower are spectacular! And, I passed gas while walking! Yay me!

So I’ll post more when I know it.


UPDATE: Dr. G is not on site but one of his colleagues came in to talk. She is concerned that the NG tube is still producing a lot so it may need to run for a total of 3-5 days. Depending on what happens then, maybe just chemo, or maybe surgery. In any case, very best possible scenario is that I’ll be out Thursday, but more likely, I’ll be here into next week.

Oh my gosh, I’m already going stark raving mad! So I’ve asked Grant and/or Montana to bring me my computer and some stuff to do. Maybe now would be a good time to really crochet something. Or learn Italian. Or something.

The point of letting the NG tube do its thing is to take pressure off the small bowel obstruction so that it will resolve on its own, without needing surgery. Sounds good. Guess I would rather put up with it awhile longer and avoid any cutting.

More as events warrant.

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  1. Good for you! You absolutely don’t let a Dr. tell you to give up😡 I’m still sending well wishes, hope and love your way💕💕💕💕

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