I got a date!


Whew. I’m relieved. Was hoping for 4/13, though. But at least I got a date.

So the laparoscopy will happen then. Dr. G. allowed that there could some complications that might require that it be a full-opening surgery. I’m hoping against that. But he also told a story of having just done a similar surgery two weeks ago where there was one major band of scar tissue which he clipped, and now the patient is feeling much, much better. I can’t wait. I’m extremely relieved to have a date to count down to.

The complications would have to do with where the strictures are. If the colon is involved he said that would be a full-opening situation. But if it is only involving the small intestine, which is where it feels like to me, then that could likely be done laparoscopically.

So, in the meantime, I have to keep being very liquidy and low-fibery with my diet. I’m getting better at this. But also, I’m not sure how to get enough calories to keep me from losing any more weight. Fats, I suppose. More calories per gram in fats. Off to do some more research!

Please send positive vibes, energy, and/or prayers, that the laparoscopic treatment will suffice and be fully successful!

2 thoughts on “I got a date!

  1. Oh good…and whew, I hear the need for CALORIES! Do avocados work on your diet?  With love and prayers.  Lynn


  2. Sending you all the positive vibes


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