A little bettah

I’m feeling a little better.

Things have changed enough in my belly that I just cannot do solid food. So I’m doing liquid food. That is saving me a lot of pain. Grant is good about juicing for me. Very enthusiastic about it. I’m also doing broths and …

[My cat is insisting on having a hug right now!]

[Ok, back to it.]


Also, I’m learning how to implement a low-FODMAP diet to reduce the gas production. So, in order to avoid onions, which is a high-FODMAP food, I made my own broth yesterday, which turned out quite well. So that is more well-rounded nutrition. And Grant ate the solids out of it.

I discovered today that my shake mix contains too many high-FODMAP foods, so I’ll stay away from that for now, and make my own as best as I can.

I am feeling much, much better with not much in my digestive system for it to process. Nothing like a good detox, I suppose.

I do still feel low-level discomfort in my abdomen, and my mid-back gets quite tired, quite easily. I’m operating on low calories too, so I don’t have tons of energy, although, really, it’s better than you’d think. Much less pain equals much more energy, as that is just so draining.

Also, the meds that were suggested by the doctor over the weekend have also helped with the acid stomach and reflux, and with the reduction in gas production. That helps a lot.

I have a virtual appointment with Dr. Guntupalli on Thursday. Apparently it’s on the docket to discuss the “procedure.” I’m really, REALLY hoping said procedure (laparoscopy to treat adhesions) will be considered essential enough to take place soon, and that he has room in his schedule for it soon. The fact that I have lost so much weight and am not on solid food should make it count as more essential, right? Or maybe they will prescribe IV nutrition in the meantime, if it needs to wait. (Almost typed “weight.” That too.)

In any case, fingers crossed! Send good vibes, positive energy, prayers please!

But, that said, whatever is for the best, especially in these unusually trying, COVID-19 times.

I’ll fill you in on what he says on Thursday.

In the meantime, keep the faith, enjoy your home fires, keep up your physical distancing, and enjoy whoever’s at home with you.

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