Le Deuxième Anniversaire

So, it’s been two years, since the first fateful appointment with the first-opinion gyn-onc,  which radically altered my life trajectory in an instant. I almost forgot to mention it today, what with everything else that’s been going on:

  1. COVID-19 and worldwide mass hysteria
  2. My partner’s elderly & memory-challenged mother falling and breaking her leg
  3. The hot water heater going out
  4. Oh and last but not least, this stricture of the sigmoid colon, which is continuing to strict (Is that a verb? Should it be?)

It’s been a fun and eventful couple of weeks.

Seriously, I’m about ready to be done with all these fun things.

So yes, I suppose it’s not too surprising, under the circumstances, that I might sort of forget that March 15 is my “cancer-versary.” Maybe that’s just as well.

I’ve been a little on edge. A little angry. A little depressed. A little ready to be done. And I know enough to know that anniversaries can do that. But it’s also true there’s just a sh*t-ton of other crap going on in addition to that. Don’t get me started on that. (Mostly why are they shutting down everything for this virus, but they haven’t done anything remotely like it for previous scary viri? Really?)

But it’s late, time for sleeping, and mostly I just wanted to acknowledge two years. Two years of doctors, treatments, insurance, supplements, this blog, supportiveness from my partner, and my family and friends, and generally continuing on down a path I hadn’t even considered a possibility, much less chosen.

Kelly Turner is running a Radical Remission teleseries starting tomorrow.  Maybe that is appropriate. Maybe it will help me start out the next year of this journey right.

In the meantime, be savvy, be smart, be strategic, be shrewd. Socially connect in smart ways, as it’s good for us.

“Live long and prosper.” – Spock

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