Brief Chat with Dr. G

I got a quick call from Dr. G today. Basically, he wanted to know how I was. I was able to say that I was passing “things” so not completely blocked. (Yesterday’s four doses of PEG really started working this morning. Yay! Because of that I’ve added a little low-fiber solid food to the juicing and brothing. More Yay!)

However, he wants to see me face to face so is having his scheduler set something for Thursday. And he wants to do a laparoscopy to see what is going on.

So, that’s not quite what I was wanting to hear. I may yet try to talk him out of it, depending on his reasoning. What I really want is just to have the stricture taken care of, which based on my reading, is most likely due to scar tissue and could be done with a balloon, a stint, or by removal of part of the colon.

And I would like the inside of my colon to be looked into at the hepatic flexure and ascending colon in order to see why it hurts on the inside.


But he can’t do that from the outside with a laparoscopy. So I’ll see what he says on Thursday, and try and steer him in that direction.

Because laparoscopy, while minimally invasive, is still invasive, still takes weeks to recover from, and as far as I can tell, won’t solve anything. Unless he’s looking for more cancer. However none of the recent CT scans have shown much of anything in the way of stuff that could be cancer. So we’ll see.

This is frustrating. One step forward, another step back. Ahh, such is life, I suppose for many people, in many different situations.

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