Some Movement

… pun very intended.

Since I saw the gyn-onc and his pharmacist the other day, per their suggestions, I have been taking bisacodyl, and polyethylene glycol (PEG) daily, and then I had another colonic yesterday. Things seem to be softening up. I felt much better at the actual colonic, not so pained and tender. This morning I also felt better, more able to move easily, etc. And what’s more, I had [TMI WARNING] two small but substantial-enough movements! Glory be! Never thought I’d be so excited about poop!

Now that is not to say that I’m all better. I still have quite a lot of tenderness in the same area. Maybe it has come down from 8/10 to 6.5/10 but that’s progress.

Also, on Friday I had a discussion with the nurse for the doctor who will be performing the colonoscopy tomorrow. After hashing it all out they still want me to do the normal preparation/clean out. I was like, “Okay… but if it works I won’t need your services. The doctor does realize why I’m having this particular procedure, it’s not just cancer screening?” And yes, the doctor knows, recommends this anyway. So I figure, okay, well if it works, fine, then I can have the normal colonoscopy that is being recommended anyway because I recently turned 50. And they can take a look and see if there was any reason structurally for the problem which didn’t show up on the CT scan.

So I’m now in the process of said clean out, and happily, it is working as planned. 30 minutes into the downing of 1/2 gallon of PEG solution, things really started moving. Unlike a week ago when I’d downed almost all of the 1/2 gallon and NOTHING. That was what worried me.

So thanks for your continued flowing, moving, freeing thoughts, prayers, and vibes!


2 thoughts on “Some Movement

  1. LOVE and flow and gladdness that you are with dear Grant and the four legged friends!

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