CAN update

So I’m here.

I made it okay through chemo on Tuesday, then flying to Vancouver, then driving to Fort Langley, getting installed in my AirBNB, and having consults and treatments yesterday and today.

Grant drove me down to metro Denver, stayed with me during chemo, and dropped me at the airport, which was a lovely gift for this sixth and last round. He’s not always able to take the time off work. Gratitude for flexibility from his clients.

All went extremely smoothly with traveling. I will say I broke my pre- and post-chemo fast early with (extremely expensive airport) pistachios because I was having a splitting headache. Between eating and sleeping on the plane I was better once I got to YVR (Vancouver International Airport) (Why YVR? I don’t know.) Then I had to “declare” that I was bringing food into the country, and the border agent asked what and I said, “Pistachios” and she said, “That’s it?” And I said, “That’s it.” And she stamped my paper and off I went. Silly.

Seeing Dr. Parmar is always good. He’s a gem. Basically, he’s optimistic, and encouraging me to be sure and get back on my integrative wagon. Especially exercise. He said 30-45 minutes of walking four times a week has been shown to reduce chance of recurrence by 48%! Also, he and another FABNO have recently written a book on naturopathic oncology, did research and have decided that a low-glycemic index Mediterranean diet is the best diet, and to them that does include whole grains, legumes, and two servings of fruit a day. I can deal with that. There’s lots of good food from that area of the world.

Now, if only I can get over feeling nauseated and lack of appetite from chemo, probably by Saturday, I can begin on eating that way. I just took a nap, and am just now realizing that I dreamed something like, “But pizza is Mediterranean.” Of course. But flour and dairy are to be minimized. So rarely. As I’ve discussed before.

A few extra expenses cropped up, baggage check fees for my economy flight in both directions, and also I forgot to ask ahead of time for acupuncture, but it is helpful with post-chemo detoxing and nausea, so I got that scheduled for Saturday morning. So my fundraising goal went up a little bit, but THANK YOU to all who have donated. We are 93% there!

There is part of me that is bashful about asking for help monetarily; however this article just went by on my feed, and so I know I’m not the only one in this boat. We need to change our system in the U.S. so that healthcare costs are not just covered by GoFundMe or Fundly campaigns. (And too often per this article fundraising doesn’t raise enough funds anyway.) (Per Time magazine, one third of GoFundMe’s campaigns are for medical expenses.) It’s immoral. And stressful, and stress is bad for cancer patients. We need change. Please vote accordingly. Healthcare should not be a for-profit business.

That being said, Thank you again for your support.

It is grey, rainy, cloudy, not too cold here. I’m reading Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying to be Me, about her experience of a near-death experience (NDE) following four years of cancer, what she found on the other side, how she came back to this life and was healed, and what happened after that. Interesting, inspiring, and fits right in with what I know from regression hypnotherapy. It’s good to have that perspective.

In any case, time for some more Christmas Eve Tea, anti-nausea meds, and reading.

Blessings to you and yours!

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