Fundraising is moving along!

Thank you to those of you who have donated. I so appreciate it! I’m about 42% there as of this writing! I am making plans for post-treatment to be able to get myself back on my feet financially, but I’m not there yet. Here is the fundraising page:

So the news about the trip is that lodging, airfare, and rental car have been reserved and paid for. The appointments have all been scheduled. I just need to go do chemo on Tuesday at UCHealth Anschutz campus, and then go to DIA, and fly out to Vancouver later that evening. I’ll get my rental car, drive about an hour east to Fort Langley and stay at my AirBNB. It will be a different place than the last two times, as they were not available. I found myself a little bit sad about that. But new place, new host, I’m sure it will be lovely. And I’ve heard from Dr. P that Fort Langley is festive at Christmas, so I’m looking forward to it. And no whole body hyperthermia this time! Whew! Just local-regional. That’s a gift right there!

I’m hoping the additional treatments will do the trick, and that when testing comes back in January my CA-125 will be under 10 and the CT Scan will show No Evidence of Disease. Crossing fingers! And asking for positive vibes / prayers / good energy / good juju.

Visualizing NED!

I wish you a restful and enjoyable lead up to Christmas, if you so celebrate. Blessings to you and yours!


NOTE: regarding the NED image, apparently there is a band by that name that recently did a benefit concert in Boulder for gynecological cancers. I didn’t hear about it and didn’t go, but cool idea. Here is the link to that concert:  There is also a cool video about a film! More on that later perhaps.

4 thoughts on “Fundraising is moving along!

  1. Deborah J. Binder December 15, 2019 — 9:28 pm

    I hope things go well for you with the upcoming treatments.  I enjoy staying up to date with your wonderful blog. The band called N.E.D is composed of doctors who are gynecological-oncologists.  They are from different parts of the country.  I heard them perform once at the OCRA National Conference.  There is a documentary film about them that is wonderful too.  I don’t know if it is still available.    Link to their website:

    Here is a link to their FB page: I hope you and your partner have a wonderful holiday. Namaste, 

    Deborah Binder

    Direct Cell: 425-361-3942

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    1. Thanks for your support Deborah! Cool about the band. I’ll have to look them up!


  2. Fingers crossed for you, I hope it all goes well!

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