Beep beep beep … back the truck up

I saw Dr. West today.

Suffice it to say she was not nearly as happy or congratulatory as my other oncs have been.

She would really like me to do another round or two of chemo, get the CA-125 down below 10 (currently 30), and have a CT Scan which shows No Evidence of Disease (NED.) And then, maybe, after that, doing a PARP inhibitor, or maybe not. But she said the research shows that the best chance of staying in remission is, shockingly, to actually be in remission, which technically I’m not yet. And getting and staying in remission is her goal for me.

So now I’m contemplating another month or two of chemo. Ugh. And through the holidays. Ugh.

And I knew she would reprimand me for the fact I’ve fallen off the integrative wagon pretty good in the last six weeks or so, especially around my diet. And she did. I have some internal work to do around dealing with the sense of deprivation I feel on this restrictive diet. It is kind of sad, but I have a part that feels like, “If I can’t eat pizza then life is not worth living.” (Really?)

So anyway, thought I’d fill you in on the latest. I need to process it, and discuss it with the other oncs, too.

And I need a bath, and sleep. Badly.

3 thoughts on “Beep beep beep … back the truck up

  1. Andrea, you are soooo brave. I don’t believe most people with health-related speed bumps have been, are or would be as dedicated as you to returning their health status in the “black.” It takes courage, stamina, determination, and also giving up pizza, maybe for a long time, if not forever. Life (and healthy life, in this case) is not for sissies. I know I say that a lot to a lot of people, if not to you. You inspire and you amaze.

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    1. Thanks Patou. I just need to remember that I can modify foods to approximate the taste I’m looking for. It doesn’t have to be black or white, either / or. But a small part of me doesn’t get that.

      I hope to see you soon!


  2. Andrea…I send love and love.


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