Okay, so I’m back.  Here’s the lowdown. I got home way late last night. It was interesting doing the driving back from Denver in the wee hours of the morning. Mostly no one and nothing out on the roads I take. Also it was really cool to see the towns below from above. Air Canada provides the screen with the map of where the airplane is so I could keep track of which town we were flying over. We flew just to the west of Fort Collins and I could see all the main roads and imagine that that one band of light, Mulberry/HWY 14, was heading out east to Ault, where my beloved and our little animal family were waiting for me. If only I could have just jumped out then! Except I’m not big into jumping out of planes.


I had treatments for one or two hours each day, Wednesday through Saturday.  And I was recovering from the chemo that I had had on Tuesday so I kind of laid low and rested. The actual treatments I’m going to have to take on faith, as I am with all the things I’m pursuing, that they do something. There was little in the way of sensations to let me know something was happening, between the local-regional hyperthermia, (this is the machine they use) and the various IVs. At least there was nothing much in the way of side effects from them. Just after-effects of the chemo. Due to these, I didn’t feel much like eating or touristing much. I ended up leaving all those groceries I bought for my Airbnb hosts, as I just didn’t feel like eating. I ended up buying cans of soup, things that felt like they’d settle okay. Traveling is harder and less fun when one doesn’t feel well. Note to self for next time.


But I did go and see a few places while I was there. Felt like a waste not to, when British Columbia is so different from Colorado. Of course it’s wetter, and cooler. Next time I need to take more warm clothes!

Also, it was interesting being in Canada. There are of course some cultural differences. And, it also feels like Canada is our “cousin” so a lot was similar as well. Much of the road signage is similar as is the shopping, but also much was different. For example, they have a traffic light thing of flashing green lights. This apparently means for the people on the main thoroughfare to be aware that people on side streets might be entering if it safe. Where I’m from the people on the sides streets would have a flashing yellow that would say they could go when it was safe. Things like that. Also thinking about driving speeds in km/h. Ugh. I don’t have a good feel for that. As I recall from my time in France that km/h is roughly half plus a little more of m/h. So 90 km/h might be close to 50 m/h??  Something like that.

Glen Valley Regional Park

I took a small drive outside of Fort Langley, along the Fraser River, and found a little riverside park, where I could do some walking. In these photos, you are seeing only a portion of the river, as there is an island in the middle. It is a very good sized river. Also, I had to get used to the fact that the mountains are to the north there, rather than to the west where I am from. I was 90° off all the time.

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Golden Ears Provincial Park and Alouette Lake

Another day I found my way across the river, over a very big, relatively new bridge, also called Golden Ears, (here is more about its construction) and headed to Golden Ears Provincial Park, which is up in the foothills above the river valley. The forests are thick and wet, although I’m told they are currently in drought now. There was a sign for the “beach” so I followed it and ended up at this lake, Alouette, where there were oodles of people picnicking, as well as some rowing or swimming. Gorgeous view. Reminded me of photos I have see of Scottish Lochs. Maybe there’s a Nessie in there??

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Stanley Park, Vancouver

On Sunday, my last day there, while waiting to fly out in the evening, I had been advised by my Airbnb host to possibly visit Stanley Park, Vancouver’s central city park. It is immense. I walked along the sea wall, had brunch at the Teahouse, and sat on a bench enjoying the views. It appears that one is looking out at the Pacific, but really, it is Burrard Inlet and the Strait of Georgia. Vancouver Island is between here at the Pacific. In any case it’s a lot of water, and there were a lot of giant ocean going vessels.

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So I’m all around and back, mostly recuperated now from chemo, ready to start another week. Travel plans are made already for round two on September 17. And next week I’ll be gone again to the CWFL retreat up at the Shambhala Center. Looking forward to that. It should be a completely different experience.

My poor cat Sammy is so thrilled to see me again today that he is being a velcro cat, and unfortunately for him he’s going to experience at least two more weeks of me being gone in the next month.

Hopefully all of this will produce the desired results of health and wellness so that I can continue on with living life healthfully and well-ly.

2 thoughts on “Post-Canada

  1. I loved your readying your post. I never traveled out that way in the British Columbia part of the world but it is surely on my bucketlist.

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  2. Glad you got to do some visiting while getting treatment. Balances out somewhat, doesn’t it?

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