Travel and Day 1

Yesterday I traveled a lot, first to Denver for chemo, then to Vancouver and Fort Langley for integrative treatments.

Boy, does early yesterday morning feel like ages ago!

The drive down to Denver was uneventful. I then had labs which all seemed rather predictable. Blood cell counts are down, etc.

The CA-125 is at 158 now, down from a recurrence high of 565. Guntupalli was very pleased with this and mentioned that it is a logarithmic drop.

The actual infusions went smoothly, no issues, except at the beginning they had a hard time finding a vein that would work. Third time was the charm. It was likely due to me being dehydrated from some intestinal distress Grant and I have both been suffering from. So hopefully that will be a non-issue next time. Normally they love my veins.

After all was said and done I drove 20 minutes to the airport parking, chose to put my car in covered parking due to the hail risk this time of year, and got to the airport in time to get through security and to my gate with plenty of time to spare.

The flight was a bit late taking off and landing but was generally fine. Getting in to Vancouver that much later though was going to be later for my AirBNB host so I checked with him and he said, “No problem, come on.” So I did.

I had to go through customs which added a bunch of time I had forgotten to consider. But it was a pretty seamless process. Making declarations about what I was bringing in to the country and what I was going to be doing there involved a computer check in and then a quick interview with a border patrol agent. There was a long line. There must have been multiple flights landing at the same time from foreign parts.

And then I was free to pick up my rental car, a grey Toyota Corolla, and drive about an hour east to Fort Langley. It was so late that traffic was a non-issue. But also dark so I couldn’t see the sights.

My host met me as soon as I drove up, helped me carry things in, showed me around, chatted about piano playing and French speaking. I didn’t get to sleep until 1:00 and then woke up automatically at 7:30. So I’m getting tired and ready for bed now.

Today I puttered around, drove the small distance to the cute downtown, did a little shopping, got to the Integrated Health Clinic and its related pharmacy, and finally met in person the people I and We have been corresponding with, and tele-sessioning with. It was very nice.

First I had a meeting and check up with Dr. Parmar and his resident Dr. Soles, with Grant participating from afar via the internet. Dr. Parmar is delightful and real and thoughtful. I feel I am in good hands. Dr. West certainly highly recommends him.

We clarified that I will NOT be having the whole body hyperthermia on this trip because their doctor who specializes in that is out of the country but will be back next time. Dr. Parmar again stated that it is a very difficult experience, “a nightmare,” and in discussing it, it is apparent that being able to improve my mindfulness practices between now and then would be helpful. This might include listening to guided visualizations during the actual experience. So I will be working on that for next time. I have also thought that maybe doing some heat practice in a sauna would be good as well.

After that we jumped right in to an IV misteltoe infusion concurrently with the loco-regional hyperthermia which concentrated on my abdomen. Both of these were easy experiences. And then I was free to go until tomorrow.

I drove around doing some additional shopping afterwards. I could not bring my cannabis tinctures with me over the border. But I decided they are important. And I asked about leaving them at the clinic for next time, which they are willing to do. So I found a dispensary and got a CBD only tincture to tide me over.

Then I went searching for food. There was a keto grocery listed in Google Maps so I found it but discovered it was pretty specialized and not a full grocery. So I ended up at one of the chain grocers that sold some organic stuff. I ended up buying enough stuff that I might be hard pressed to get it all eaten by the time I leave.

I came “home” and fixed a sort of modified beef and vegetable stir-fry. Then had my walk in the neighborhood. Now getting ready to crash.

Intestinal distress is still distressing me however. Alas. When will this end? Ugh. So far various things that are not cancer are the ones causing me distress. All abdominal. Red and Orange Chakras. Working on that.

I am loving that official Canada has everything in both English and French. It is very comfy to me.

Also I have made all my travel arrangements for the next trip already because it is not that far off. Pretty much a repeat of this trip except taking United rather than Air Canada. Nearly identical schedule though.

So tomorrow will be another local hyperthermia along with IV artesunate and ascorbic acid.

And it is not supposed to be rainy tomorrow which it has been today. We in Colorado apparently stole all their rain this year, because they are in drought, and we are not, for a change. Global climate change has unexpected results.

Best get my rest now though. Good night!

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