This coming week

Here is my plan for the week.  It should be an exciting one.  Read on.

Yoga Therapy

I will start out the week with a nice follow up session of yoga therapy. I was favorably impressed by the woman, Ena, and her practice last week. I think it will be a good way to combine mind-body-spirit work. She took an evaluation of me last time and will have worked up a specific routine for me to do, we will do it today together, record it, and then I will do it on my own from there. It should be interesting to see how it all unfolds.


I’ll once again be fasting 24 hours ahead of the chemo infusions. I have become a believer in it because it does seem to reduce the side effects of chemo. My infusions start at about 11:30 tomorrow so I’ll have breakfast this morning and forego the rest, through Wednesday morning.


Then on Tuesday I will go down to Anschutz, have labs, a visit with Dr. G, and another round of chemo: Doxil, Carbo, and Avastin. It’s on a schedule which is not too early this time, which is lovely….


…because straight afterwards, I will drive from the hospital, over to DIA, which is less than a half hour away, catch a flight to Vancouver, rent a car, drive to my AirBNB an hour away, and be ready for integrative treatments Wednesday at the Cancer Care Centre at the Integrated Health Clinic in Fort Langley.

I’ll be doing IVs and Hyperthermia.


The IVs that are slated include increasing doses of mistletoe, as well as artesunate, an anti-malarial drug that shows promise in cancer treatment, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C.)


Additionally, I will be having loco-regional hyperthermia on my abdomen, and if my blood cell counts are at a good level, I will also do whole body hyperthermia, the goal of which is to get the body into fever range, and stay there for a couple hours, in order to reset the immune system, damage and possibly kill any cancer cells, as well as make the cancer cells more visible to the immune system, and also to make the chemo, especially Doxil, more effective.

I understand whole body hyperthermia can be a difficult experience. Being put into fever state may mean I end up with feverish delusions or something, or maybe other-worldly experiences. But as my dear step-step daughter (step-daughter once removed?) Montana says, “I can do anything for a day.” Could be interesting. My dear friend and colleague Lynn has suggested she will support-from-afar through meditation and distance energy healing during this heating, and I will gratefully accept!


Hopefully, I will have some time and energy to do the tourist thing. BC has such a different climate than CO, so I’ll be enjoying the cool, wet weather, and will pack accordingly.

So packing is what I’m off to do now. Wish me luck, and send prayers or positive energy! Thank you!

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