Canada, Oh, Canada

Canadian Clinic

We had a tele-conference with Dr. Parmar at Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Centre in British Columbia on Wednesday. It was a good visit. Thorough. Thoughtful. Empathetic.

Basically the recommendation would be to go there immediately after my next full round of chemo, spend four days, receive various types of treatment, most especially hyperthermia, both loco-regional (sounds easy), and whole body (sounds horrible), plus some IV stuff.

We spent a lot of time discussing the hyperthermia. Basically heat kills cancer cells before it kills normal cells. Yay! Also heat changes the protein shell of the cancer cells so that they become visible to the immune system. Yay! I’m all for that.

Next opportunity is August 20. So we’ll be figuring out the possibilities around this.

Seattle Clinic

Also, he recommended heartily Dr. Chen in Seattle, at the Seattle Integrative Cancer Center, who does much more outside-the-box chemo treatments. He does what is called Metronomic Chemotherapy, which is actually a low-dose chemo, more effective, less toxic.


To go to Dr. Parmar’s clinic will cost about $4k USD including travel, depending on what kinds of cuts I can make in travel costs.

Dr. Chen’s clinic sounds great, but the trick will be in getting my health insurance to pay for it, as I don’t think they will pay for services out of state, or changing my health insurance to something that would pay for out of state, or maybe my SSDI application will come through and I’ll have Medicare, which theoretically should be nationwide, before the Republicans scuttle it entirely. We’ll see.

It all sounds very interesting and promising, *and* I’m not sure how to afford it. If I’d had a better head for business, and was not so artsy, maybe I’d have big reserves from which to draw, but I don’t.

My situation is a good illustration of why we need Medicare for All in this country.  Let’s join the rest of the civilized world in providing non-profit health care for our citizens. Granted there are many in worse straits than I. I am not quite to the point of bankruptcy, because I do have health insurance. Anthem has received claims this year for me totaling nearly $87k. The laparoscopy alone was charged to them at $29k. That’s ridiculous.

But that does keep me out of the poor house. Still….

Post Chemo

Overall, I’m feeling pretty well. I think the fasting helped. I have had just a bit of queasiness. My go-to meal has been hot dogs with sauerkraut, all organic, as the only thing that sounds good. But at least it is food. One of these days I’ll feel like branching out, I suppose. If I weren’t being keto I’d be having saltines.

Thanks again for your support!

1 thought on “Canada, Oh, Canada

  1. Am so glad the fasting and other precautions helped your nausea. Told Grant last night that treatments and methods for cancer patients have changed so much in the last 5 years. It is great news. I agree, our healthcare pales compared to what Europe has. I hope you can get the treatment you deserve, notwithstanding.

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