Post Laparoscopy

I was forgetting what this was like, only that it was a much easier recovery than the full surgery. That is not to say that it is a mild walk in the park though. We remembered that last time we had been prepped for it being the full surgery and then they elected to only do the laparoscopy so we already had a motel room booked for three days which we stayed in while I recovered, which is why I was having a hard time remembering what it was like to be home same day — I hadn’t been.

Basically, the day after was pretty good, really. I felt relatively fine. Dad came out to spell Grant on checking on me, but I felt so good it was hardly necessary. We went to lunch in the next town over. And I was feeling good I just kept going — until I hit a pain wall later that night. Oops. Sleeping that night was hard. I’ve kind of been recuperating ever since. I need to remember that probably on the day after I am still coming down from whatever pain meds they pumped me full of during the procedure. And that they wear off.

At this point I’m doing okay-ish. Been resting. Been managing pain med usage. I had leftover oxycodone from the last surgery, so I used that up for the first three days, and now am managing okay simply with acetaminophen and/or aspirin. But I’m being rigorous about every four hours, to keep it on board. One of these days I might not feel like I need it quite as much and I’ll back it down.

The bel-bel (belly as noted earlier) is sore. Swollen. But wounds are looking okay. I had had to ask, because of confusing directions on the post-op instructions, whether I could get the wounds wet or not, and I could, so that has made showering easy enough. There are Steri-Strips sealing the wounds and apparently they will just fall off one of these days.

Hopefully that will happen before Tuesday, when I have a follow-up with my doc, and then an “educational session” with the pharmacist, presumably about this different type of chemo Dr. G will be recommending. I believe he said on the phone it would be milder, with fewer side effects. This is good.

*And* I want to continue pursuing other healing / wellness paths besides chemo. It’s so toxic. I really don’t want that to be my long-term staying-alive plan, because it is kind of oxymoronic. Chemical warfare which pretty much kills / damages everything in its path, as a means to stay alive and get more healthy? I think we are on the cusp of an age where that old standard gets tossed out. But we’re not quite there yet.

I got my updated passport in the mail yesterday. Expediting made it happen quickly! So if we decide I need to go to Canada ASAP then I can! (Or Sweden! Or France!)

Here’s a life goal worth pursuing to me: use up all the little pages in the passport before it expires in 10 years!

One of the side effects of the procedure and/or the drugs and/or the cancer itself is lack of appetite and mild nausea. Much more so than before for me. I’m find myself wanting to eat crackers, and not much else. Then randomly something else will sound good and I’ll eat that and it will settle, but there’s not that much attractive about food right now. This is an area in which integrative care can intervene. It is talked about here a little bit.

In any case, I need to get out and about: check the PO Box, pick up more “cat crackers” as my dad would call them, just get out of the house a bit.

Grant and Montana are out weeding the property at the moment. If anyone in the local area feels like coming and helping it would be welcomed. We are in the process of sort of “wild-crafting” a yard here, and for the second summer in a row it’s looking like I’m going to be no earthly good. It’s not something that I seem to have a whole lot of natural inclination for anyway, and even less so when I feel ill.

It is something I appreciate looking at though. There are plenty of flowering plants that the bees and butterflies appreciate: Blue Flax, Mexican Hats, Apache Plumes, Sunflowers, even the Privets are blooming now. We’ve already had a profusion of Cat Mint, and we’ll just have to see what else shows up. I sowed wildflower seeds in the front xeriscape meadow/yard in the spring before a good snow storm, so I’m hoping some of them will be showing up eventually.

So that’s what I know for now.

Blessings on you and yours.

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