Laparoscopy completed

We are home now from the laparoscopy. It is kind of amazing that I can say I had surgery this morning and now I’m back home again. We were there all of about five hours, I think. We are both quite impressed with the place, University of Colorado Hospital, and the quality of the people.

I’m still feeling a bit woozely. I got motion sickness from the wheelchair ride down to the car and in the car home. I’m not usually a motion sickness kind of person, but managed to keep it from manifesting into actual sickness. Staying still is best for now.

Suffice it to say that Dr. G did get a sample for biopsy. With that information the next treatment will be targeted. Because my body is HRD positive (homologous recombination deficiency) (but not BRCA) and I’m platinum sensitive, his recommendation may be similar to last time, as it worked quite well. But we don’t know that yet.

Grant talked with him while we were there. He said he would call me to talk about it later this afternoon or evening so I / We will know more then.



2 thoughts on “Laparoscopy completed

  1. Glad the procedure was so quick. Anesthesia makes me woozy too. Diffusing peppermint oil was the only way I didn’t get sick the last time. It worked better than all of the meds they gave me. Take it easy as you recover so you can fight later. Bises!
    Sara 😘

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    1. Good idea! Thanks.


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