Possible future tracks


It’s official. Laparoscopy on July 2. So we’ll see what they find. And I’ll be interested to hear what the lab reports say about whatever they find. They’ll do molecular testing to find out which kind of treatment will be most effective, at least in the allopathic model.


Also, Grant and I have been exploring the idea of me going to Canada for additional treatment that is not offered here in the U.S., per Dr. West, my naturopathic oncologist. She recommended a place in B.C. called The Integrative Health Clinic and their Cancer Care Centre. The thing that they offer there is apparently a sort of one-two punch of chemo with hyperthermia. The extra heat breaks down the protein sheath around a cancer cell, making it more vulnerable to chemotherapy. And it should be done in that order: chemo, then hyperthermia. So depending on what we find out, and whether it is relatively affordable, I may just head straight from Anschutz to the airport to B.C. and spend the next three days being heated up. We’ll see. Of course, it depends what Dr. Guntupalli finds in the laparoscopy.

Grant does a great job as my patient advocate and an interviewer/questioner, to ask all sorts of good questions of providers. He spent 20 minutes on the phone with the managing director of this place in B.C., to learn more about it. Next step for me is to do their new patient intake forms and send it off to them for them to create a plan of action.


Also, I have to get my passport updated! I changed my name back to my maiden name in the first part of this year, so now the passport I have is not valid. So that is another thing to do; I probably will need to expedite it this time around.

Surgical Protocol

Dr. West has put me on a “surgical protocol” of various different things as supplementation than what I had been doing. It is a lot lighter actually, so that is kind of a relief. There is such a thing as pill-fatigue. I have a hard time some days getting all my doses of pills in me. After the surgery I’m going to ask that my supplements be pared down to bare minimum. Or maybe I open all the capsules, put them in a smoothy and be done with it. Something. Something needs to change.


On another note, I’m doing better at getting more exercise in. It is becoming sort of a game, to get all my “rings” closed on my AppleWatch: standing at least 1 minute per hour for 12 hours a day, 30 minutes of exercise, and total calories burned, per my goal, which is currently set at 400. My steps goal for June is 8,000 steps per day, six out of seven days. I’m doing that pretty well. It is not too hard for me to do the 10,000 which is the actual recommendation that I’m officially growing up and into. Luckily, this beginning stage of recurrence hasn’t really taken it out of me much at all. Heck, even a CA-125 of 409 is nothing like 3,500 was.

Long Term Disability Insurance and SSDI

One thing I haven’t talked about much is that my long term disability insurance, which has been providing me a modest monthly income, also requires that I apply for SSDI, Social Security Disability Insurance. So I’m in the midst of that. The insurance company has recommended another company that specializes in helping the application process. They of course will get their cut. I have no idea what my chances are of getting it, although I think my diagnosis might be pretty automatic (see here). Still, they look at everything before they decide.

I’m just grateful that I had the opportunity to learn all about such things at my last job. SSDI, SSI, Medicare, Medicaid – it’s all a bunch of jargon until you learn what it actually means, and I feel lucky to have taken training on it, for my clients’ sake, and to know what kinds of resources there are out there regarding it. But ugh. So much bureaucracy. What I’m hoping for, I guess, is that I’ll be in their system, in case I ever need it, but in the meantime, it has a program called Ticket to Work, which encourages working as much as you can, but being able to fall back on it as needed. Per my last post, here’s hoping it’ll be years before I need it.

Health Insurance, costs thereof, and Medicare for all!

Along those lines, we really need to change the health care system in the U.S. Medicare for all! Let’s join the majority of developed nations in providing healthcare to their citizens! I have put in a request for an estimate on my out-of-pocket expenses for this laparoscopy. Now that I have different insurance it is possible I will have to pay more of it myself. But I don’t know. So that is also in process. Reading up on it on my insurance site, I’ve already reached my out-of-pocket limit, so hopefully I’m good.

Heavy metals testing?

Grant’s daughter Montana has found a very interesting practitioner, chiropractor etc., who does allergy and heavy metal testing. We are both considering going in to have a session with this guy, and see if there is anything relevant there for either of us.

Keto Dinner

In any case, that’s the news for now. Almost time to have a keto-friendly dinner of salmon and salad.

Cold Solstice

Happy Solstice! I hope it is warmer where you are than where I am! Unseasonably cold here today, and even snow up in the high country. As they say, “Go home Colorado, you’re drunk!”


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