CT Scan results

One of Dr. Guntupalli’s associates called this evening to give us the results as Dr. G is out of the country for another week.

In short, it does look like there is some recurrence. Not in the chest cavity or lungs, so that is good. In the abdominal cavity, possibly. There is some thickening of the peritoneum or abdominal wall, and some evidence of ascites, or fluid build up. Grant and I have been watching my belly like a couple of hawks, and sometimes it seems like it is a little bloated, but sometimes not. So there’s our answer. It is actually a bit bloated. There is no major tumor that is measurable. As Grant recalls from the photos from the laparoscopic surgery a year ago, the cancer on the peritoneum was just more like little spots on it. So it is probably something like this.

He did say that if there is recurrence we’ve caught it very early, and it will be fine to just keep my regularly scheduled appointment with Dr. G on 6/12. A week will not make any major clinical difference.

So I have a note in to Dr. West to see what if anything she wants to tweak in my protocol.

Also, I’m beginning to feel the effects of the flu bug that Grant has been fighting the last week, so I am working on not getting it, but I do have a scratchy throat. So that might affect my exercise regimen, backing it down while I get well.

In any case, I’m glad to know. I’d much rather know what is going on than not.

So there you go. Updated. We shall be proceeding accordingly. Thanks for your support!


4 thoughts on “CT Scan results

  1. Sending love đź’•.

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  2. Hi Andrea! You are incredible and strong! My situation is very similar to yours… I was diagnosed in February 2018 with stage 3C. I had a recurrence spotted on recent CT. I am devastated and trying to work on my mental state. In addition to the chemo I’ve changed so much with my diet and way of living, but it does not seem to help… I will need chemo again. There is no cure at this point, but just maintenance. I am also looking at any available clinical trials just to see what’s out there. It seems like the future is with immunotherapy, but it is still in phase I for clinical trials. I will be visiting your blog often. You are the true inspiration! Wishing you the best!

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    1. Thank you, Nataliya. Yes, this thing sounds like it will require ongoing maintenance. My naturopathic oncologist, Dr. West, FABNO, said it is completely possible to just treat it as a chronic illness. There are times I’m not sure I want to deal with a chronic illness, but there it is. More her point I think, is that, as they say, “Cancer is not a death sentence.” One of my favorite sayings is “Be strong and very courageous!” We are both in the midst of needing to be that, aren’t we? Best wishes to you.


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