CT Scan and Metaphysics

Dr. West feels it is still advisable to get the scan, so that is scheduled for next Thursday. Couldn’t get in any sooner. Just as well, because by then we should have a good indication of whether the former UTI is resolved or not and whether that is part of the picture or not.

Meanwhile, just hanging out trying not to worry. But it’s hard.

Dr. West has upped my protocol so I’m doing more and different supplements and trying to be on my A game about exercise, etc.

One of the things I’ve realized is that I get a lot of reinforcement around diet, exercise, supplements, *and* those are only 3 of the 10 things Dr. Turner discusses in her book Radical Remission. I don’t have the same sort of coaching for spirituality, social connection, fostering positive emotions, releasing negative emotions, taking control of my life, using my own intuition, or having a strong reason for living, aka Purpose. In facing these raised numbers, I am taking stock and realizing I am not working those as fully, and I should be.

As part of my Exercise yesterday, I walked around Riverbend Ponds, which is a lovely natural area. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm, after a week of unseasonably cold, socked-in, and rainy/snowy weather. So as I walked, and noticed the things around me, fostering Presence, as Tolle would say, I was also thinking about all of the above. Especially Purpose. Tricky, that.

As I said earlier, I go back to Dolores Cannon, and the knowledge, first of all, that we are all here for a reason, and that the physical plane is not the main point. It is an exercise in soul growth. That is the point. It is not about really amassing any amount of physical anything. As Jesus said, “Don’t store up for yourselves treasures on Earth where moth and rust corrupt and thieves break in and steal, but store up for yourselves treasure in Heaven….” All things Earthian are by their very nature impermanent. Designed so, not unlike so many things manufactured today, with planned obsolescence. The point is the soul growth, not the keeping the body and all things physical forever. So there are the treasures in Heaven.

Dolores has found that certain souls in the Three Waves of Volunteers really find Earth to be very hard. The first wave “don’t like the violence and ugliness they find in this world and want to return “home”—even though they have no idea, consciously, where that might be.” And “Even though these people seem to have a good life, loving family and a good job, many of them try to commit suicide. There seems to be no logical reason, yet they are so unhappy they don’t want to be here.” (Cannon, Dolores. The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth (Kindle Locations 287-288). Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition. and Cannon, Dolores. The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth (Kindle Locations 290-291). Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition.)

I’m not sure I’m in the first wave, I might be second wave, but those two statements resonate for me. I’ve been putting one foot in front of the other all these years because I’ve had some sense of “should” or duty about it. Like it’s my job, it’s a hard job, but I can’t quit it. But I’ll be glad when it’s done.

In any case, life on Earth is hard. It is a very hard school. Apparently souls get big props for attempting life here. It’s a place to really up one’s soul growth and evolution at a very rapid rate, apparently.

Dolores also talks about second wavers having no other particular purpose than to “be” here. Nothing especially set to do, but just being here is accomplishing the goal, of moving energy and imparting things. “They are generally focused on helping others, creating no karma, and normally going unnoticed. They have been described as antennas, beacons, generators, channels of energy. They have come in with a unique energy that greatly affects others. They don’t have to do anything. They just have to be.”  (Cannon, Dolores. The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth (Kindle Locations 292-294). Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition.)

That also resonates. People tell me I have very calm energy. News to me! Haha! Also, the sense of not really having anything specific I’m supposed to be doing has really plagued me my whole life. I like a lot of different things. I’ve studied music, construction and design, counseling, and French language. And I love all of them. And I don’t feel that driven to really excel or focus on just one thing. So I dabble. Or as Barbara Sher would say in Refuse to Choose, I am a scanner, a renaissance person, interested in many different things, doing a lot quite well. It’s a personality type. Not a flaw. But it does resonate with me about just “being.”

So anyway, started out with practical medical news and moved into metaphysical, but really, why wouldn’t I? This is big stuff. This is on-the-verge-of-mortality stuff, so why not talk metaphysics? Bigger than physical. That’s what life is all about.

(Illustration is borrowed from The Metaphysical Cause of Cancer, which is also an interesting topic, and definitely worth considering for myself. Wow! That may have been a gift, to go looking for an image that would fit, find the image, find the blog, and have it be talking about the metaphysical purpose of cancer. Wow! I needed that. Thank you!)

(P.S. I watched an old episode of Star Trek Next Generation this week entitled Transfigurations. Lovely, and inspiring, and metaphysical. Look it up!)


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