Post CA 125 rise update


So, I have had a second CA-125 test run. It came back 197. Yay. Not.

I have talked to the integrative oncologist at great length. One thing that I had not thought of, but which the integrative oncologist has seen apparently, (and which I have since seen mentioned online) is that a UTI can cause the CA-125 to go up. So because I have had recent issues that way we are going to double and triple check that I don’t have a UTI or that the former UTIs are in fact fully cured and “get that off the table” as she says. Good to know. So that is the first order of business.

At that point, I want to have another CA-125. If it still seems advisable at that point, I will have a CT scan and proceed from there. But not going to put any such carts before horses.

Whew! I am sorry if I scared you. I have scared myself. I have forgotten what I already know: that one of the problems with using CA-125 as a screening tool for ovarian cancer is that other very mundane and ordinary things can raise it, so it is not reliable that way.

I think I have CA-125 PTSD. Flashbacks and terror at a non-standard number. Sort of like vets and fireworks. Instant panic. Whew! Should probably do some EMDR around that.

On another note, this morning I started out my day by seeing two counseling clients. I am finding that that is extremely helpful to me, because in order for me to be the kind of counselor I need to be for their sakes, in other words, being Self Led, aka C-ful, then therefore I am already in a better place myself. Imagine that. This stuff works.

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