Tumor Marker follow-up

As I said yesterday, the marker is up. It does make some sense to me as my belly has been appearing a little more full, and I was thinking, well maybe this is just post-menopausal weight gain. But Dr. West reminded me I’ve only gained 2 lbs in 4 months. And there has been the slight and intermittent discomfort here and there, but so vague and so slight that it could be anything. Well, now we know it’s not just anything. Good to know.

I had to get myself together yesterday.

The fact of the matter is I’m in a really good position to be able to deal with this. I still have a great team around me.

There are ways I can up my game: increasing exercising, going more fully keto, having mistletoe IVs, improving my meditation, going on a spiritual retreat, or going on an integrative healing-from-cancer retreat. There are ways to nip this in the bud. We have certainly done the research. So while it is a hurdle, or maybe a better metaphor is that, on my path a bigger mountain has just come into view to climb, it is doable.

As Grant keeps saying, cancer is really a continuum. It’s not exactly correct to say “in remission” or “in recurrence” because it is about the general health of the “host” or “terrain” which is out of balance or cancer wouldn’t manifest. This is information that my body is out of balance a bit, and I can correct that.

Dr. Fields also discussed with me a modality that is being used in Mexico which is apparently IV Vitamins C and K3 which apparently turn almost into a peroxide in the blood and do amazing things against cancer.

I have an actual physical posting on my actual physical wall (not a Facebook wall) which I need to remember. It is my summarization of the points in Radical Remission, her 9 points, plus exercise:

  • Assertiveness (take control of your own life)
  • Diet (radically altering – moving further keto but not too much animal protein per my labs)
  • Exercise (at least half an hour a day)
  • Intuition (follow your own gut)
  • Positivity (guess I blew that the other day with Venting)
  • Purpose (also the topic of Venting and Follow Up to Venting)
  • Release (of negative emotions – maybe the point of Venting)
  • Social Connectedness (here with you, and on Facebook, and of course in person)
  • Spirituality (have connection with the larger Cosmicness in some way)
  • Supplements (so many! Oh so many!)

So, reconfiguring and moving on. As Bono of U2 says,

Force quit and move to trash
I was right there at the top of the bottom
On the edge of the known universe where I wanted to be
I had driven to the scene of the accident
And I sat there waiting for me
Restart and re-boot yourself
You’re free to go
Oh, oh

Time for rebooting.

2 thoughts on “Tumor Marker follow-up

  1. Andrea, this is beautiful. I am so sorry to hear about this setback for you. I havent know you for long and I can tell you are a very strong person. My thoughts are with you as you determine how to best proceed with your care.

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    1. Thank you Elizabeth!


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