CA-125 is up

Crap.  146.6.  It’s gone up since mid March when it was 8.9.

So, not making it to even Silver (1 year) without a recurrence.  Dang.

At least it’s not at 3,500 like it was when I was first diagnosed.

I’ll tell ya, though, kind of feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach.  Breathless feeling.  PTSD.  Ugh.

At least I have all these fabulous practitioners on board. Dr. West was already catching wind of something being up in these last labs: my inflammation markers were up.

I feel fine currently, but my belly has been seeming to appear a little more full.

More info as I get it.

2 thoughts on “CA-125 is up

  1. We are thinking of you, Andrea. -Melissa and Kyle

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