Lectins Part Deux

A few posts ago I discussed lectins and how they can interfere with digestion, allow unprocessed food stuffs directly into the bloodstream, and cause the immune system to go on high alert against similar structures in our own bodies, therefore triggering autoimmune diseases.

I have learned a new thing about that. My dad told me that his nutritionist thinks there is a link between blood type and the types of lectins which are problematic.

So I looked into it some. There are varying opinons out there about whether blood type diet is a valid thing or not.

But so far I am curious and interested. My blood type is O+, and for the O blood type, the types of lectins to avoid are wheat, soybean oil, kidney beans, and peanuts. This is very interesting to me, as historically wheat has been the biggest trigger for me. And recently I had been having more refried beans which were probably kidney beans, and peanut butter, which I have been off of for years, but recently decided to try again. I am back off all four and am having much fewer issues. So, anecdotally, in an experimental field of one, me, it might have some validity. More about it is discussed here.

Interestingly, the O blood type tends to do best with a …. you guessed it… paleo style diet.

So there you go.  Something more to chew on.

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