Today’s CA-125

So I just got the results back from yesterday’s blood draw. The CA-125 is 8.9. Well within the normal range. So hopefully whatever is going on is not recurrence but something else. Maybe some sort of pelvic infection? I don’t know. That’s what doctors are for. So we’re going to Denver in the blizzard, hopefully before the blizzard. I have called them to confirm that they won’t be cancelling appointments, and if they do to let us know as soon as possible, because I really don’t want to get down there only to have them say the appointment is cancelled. Ugh.

So wish us luck and godspeed and safe travels and doctor wisdom and whatever else helpful you can think of, please! Thank you!


UPDATE:  The doctor’s office called and said they can get us in earlier, so we’re going to leave here ASAP and have the appointment and hope to be able to get back home before the worst of the storm really hits.  We’ll take staying-over supplies just in case.

SECOND UPDATE: The clinic called and they have plans to close by 1 o’clock and we cannot get there by then so we are turning around and not going to Denver in a blizzard. More news as events warrant.

3 thoughts on “Today’s CA-125

  1. Good luck, Godspeed, safe travels and great news!


    1. Thanks Charmaine!


  2. Praying you’re okay. Love you.

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