How to eat? How to eat?

I have had SO many various recommendations, from a lot of good sources, about different diets to consider. Some think Keto. Some really want me to watch my blood sugar level and keep it between 85 and 100 at all times. Some sources really think vegetarian or vegan is best for anti-cancer. Mediterranean diet is suggested. Some say soy is good for me, some say it’s bad. Some say taking in too much animal protein increases growth factors that we don’t want to increase in regards to cancer.

I have a history of having done Paleo Diet for some years, in order to respond to, and resist the rheumatoid arthritis that runs in my family. It worked like a charm, and the trigger seemed mostly to be wheat. Then after some point in time I found it was no longer necessary, and I quit being as particular. This may have contributed to the onset of cancer for me. In any case, what’s done is done.

So, anyway, regarding wheat, I’ve had people say, “Well, stay away from gluten then.” And I’ve done that. But now, my joints are beginning to be sore and achy first thing in the morning, even in spite of avoiding gluten, so I’m going back to Paleo. Maybe slightly less animal-protein version of Paleo. But avoiding all grains, legumes, and dairy.

And the reason why, seems to be lectins. Lectins are a plant defense protein which seems to adversely affect the intestinal tract, by puncturing holes in it, and letting undigested food out into the blood stream, which then, the body responds to with an immune response, and because the food is so similar in some ways to our own bodily structures, the immune response begins to respond against it, in my case, in the joints.

So back I go, off lectins. Or at least being very aware of them, and preparing food appropriately enough to radically reduce the lectin count. Soaking, sprouting, fermenting, and pressure cooking seem to help in some cases. Dr. Mecola’s site recommends this. Dr. Gundry’s site recommends this and this. Dr. Cordain’s site addresses it here. Even here, there is some disagreement about what will actually be effective.

So I’m back to watching out for this, as I have a genetic/hereditary risk towards such things. So not only am I trying to eat well to remain cancer-free, but I’m also trying to eat well to remain arthritis-free.  Tricky.

Mais, bon appétit!  Eh voilà….

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