Mistletoe? or Mistletoe?

Well, ‘Tis the Season. And for some reason, Mistletoe is a Christmas and/or Solstice decoration in cultures stemming from Europe. According to Wikipedia, “The Romans associated mistletoe with peace, love and understanding and hung it over doorways to protect the household. Hanging mistletoe was part of the Saturnalia festival.” Okay, I can live with that.

Merry Christmas with hanging mistletoe

And for some reason, that is now NOT what I think of when I think of Mistletoe. Rather I think of syringes, and ampules, and helping my body fend off cancer. I think of the tiny prick in my belly I must give myself every two or three days.

Syringe with Transparent ampule and substance on pink background

That idea was not anywhere on my radar at the start of 2018. And now it is a fact of life for me. It is currently being studied in the U.S. but is common practice in Europe. More info here and here. And there is even a foundation with the focus of helping fund said research, Believe Big. If you feel like helping the cause, I thank you.

In any case, I wish you Happy Holidays, and Peace, Love, and Understanding!

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