Routine Check Up


Today I had my three month routine check up with my gyn-onc. They pulled blood and tested it for the CA-125, which turned out to be 8. So far so good!

And Dr. G is quite happy with my progress. He explained that he looks at remission on a bronze, silver, and gold scale. Bronze is remaining cancer-free for six months, silver is 12 months, and gold is 18-24 months, after which there is a much lower probability of recurrence. So we’re going for the gold, of course.

He said to keep doing what I’ve been doing. He specifically mentioned curcumin, capsaicin in red hot chili peppers, and green tea as good anti-cancer things to be doing. He also approved of my exercise, and mistletoe injections. Of course, these are all a fraction of what I’m doing generally, because of integrative medicine.

At this point I am at half-bronze. My work with Dr. W and her assertion that ovarian cancer is now just a manageable chronic illness for me, leads me to have faith that I will make it all the way to gold, and beyond.

At the end, Dr. G congratulated me and said, “It’s all you.” And Grant and I were just like, “Oh no it’s not!” It’s taken a team, and I’ve had a great team. Gratitude.


While I was at the hospital I also did a volunteer stint playing the grand piano in the main lobby. I played a mix of holiday and non-holiday restful music. I received feedback from the volunteer coordinator by email later, saying that she had heard good things about my playing, and that I touched hearts. Music does that. Music is powerful.

Grant sat and listened while I played. That particular piano is next to a gas fireplace that was burning and flickering. He enjoyed the time immensely and suggested that maybe I should play on Christmas Eve. I suggested that to said volunteer coordinator and she was highly enthusiastic. So maybe I will do that, depending on how everything works out with the fam.



Also, as a sort of side note, I ran across an article discussing cancer, which referred to the role of endorphins in increasing natural killer cell activity. This was a good reminder that happy, positive things chemically alter the body. The article referred to exercise, singing, chocolate, meditation, yoga, and other happiness-inducing things. Good reminder. It reminded me that one of the prescriptions from Dr. W is, “Have fun!”

I have been having fun. I keep up with my French conversation group. I have been trying fused art glass. And I’ve been trying various exercise classes, including Nia. I also did, and will do again, a mindfulness writing workshop. And Grant and I just got back from another stint in Frisco at the home of good clients/friends. He did good work on their place. And we enjoyed them and the surroundings. Grateful for that opportunity.


Grant and I continue to be grateful for how this process has all unfolded, for the opportunity to learn and grow, for the good team, for the support from family and friends, for my health returning to be better than it was even before.

Happy Holidays to you!  Best wishes for a healthy, happy, 2019!

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