On Facebook yesterday, Charmaine reminded me that tea is a good alternative to coffee. I actually meant to write about tea in yesterday’s blog posting, but somehow I must have gotten distracted. Our friend Jamie gave us the gift of five boxes of tea from The Tea Spot some time ago. It is really good. We especially like Climber’s High Chai. The Tea Spot is local for us on the Front Range of Colorado, and I recently stopped by their warehouse and front office retail space to pick up some more.

The company was founded by a survivor of breast cancer named Maria Uspenski who used tea in her healing and maintaining remission. She has written a book called Cancer Hates Tea. The book is fascinating. I’m in the midst of reading it.

(Interestingly, apparently the Kindle version which I am reading is a different version than the print version and has some “profanity” which one reader objected to, and the author responded to, here. I may also buy the print version the next time I’m at their headquarters, as it looks like it has lovely photos as well. The book is also available here.)

She has done a lot of research on why tea is so good for all of us (short answer: antioxidants) and how most of the world drinks a lot more tea than we as USA-rians do, and how big tea drinking cultures have lower rates of cancer than we do. I haven’t finished the book yet, but it all sounds like good stuff, well researched, and something to incorporate into my life more.

The recommendation is for about 5 to 6 cups, or 1 to 1.4 liters a day. That seems like a lot to me. However I think I will work on becoming a loose leaf tea aficionado. Apparently freshly brewed loose leaf tea carries the most antioxidant bang for the buck, tastes the best, and is also the least expensive per cup.

So I will continue learning and experimenting with different types of tea, and applying what I learn to stay in remission and in the state of NED!

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