CA125 Update

Today I had another CA125 test done. This is about 10 days after my fifth and final chemo.

I like the look of that. It’s so low they are not even going to specify exactly how low.


In other news, I spent most of the last week processing through the chemo, and doing things that help, such as acupuncture, lymph drainage and massage, art group, sleeping, jin shin, epsom salt baths, and other stuff like that.

I have had a bit more neuropathy in fingers and toes this time, and am also noticing my cheap over-the-counter reading glasses don’t seem to be quite strong enough these days. These are both chemo side effects which should wear off. Detoxing should help with that.

This week I get back to doing work with my exercise physiologist, Joanne. And it also turns out that CSU is offering a cancer fitness program which three of my CSU social supporters, Viviane, Stacy, and Jackie, all let me know about as soon as they heard. It brought a wee bit o’ tears to my eyes to know they were all looking out for me.

It was interesting timing, as well, as it happened at the same time I was in hospice art group creating a “resource pouch” of things that are helpful to me. So I was receiving a resource even as I was making my pouch. (Said pouch is nothing to write home about, so no pics this time.)

One of the side effects of chemo, as you know, is hair loss. My hairs grew out again between third and fourth chemo, and haven’t seemed to have gotten the memo about leaving again, so they are still sticking around, at least on my head. My eyebrows and eyelashes have taken another hit, but not the head hairs, as far as I can tell. It’s fuzzy and funny and makes me laugh. Good to know I wasn’t overly identified with my hair the way it was before, I guess. This is just being another interesting experience, at least to some child-like part of myself.

It’s now time to put me and my parts to sleep. More as events warrant….

1 thought on “CA125 Update

  1. PATRICIA A. MCNULTY August 28, 2018 — 4:57 pm

    This is all very good news. You are doing so well. So happy for you. Way to go, Andrea.

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