Integrative Perspective

We just got off the phone with Dr. West, the integrative oncologist, regarding whether or not to do further rounds of chemo.

Long story short, she is in agreement with Dr. Guntupalli. And she is happy he’s willing to do only two doses and lowering the dosage of the Taxol, as the Carboplatin is very effective for ovarian cancer generally, and apparently for me specifically. But Taxol is apparently the more toxic of the two. The point is to “sweep up” any remaining cancer cells before they start making any further trouble.

So I am good to go with that advice. Fourth round of chemo will be a week from Thursday then.

Sadly, my hair was just beginning to grow out again: almost 1/2″. So I’ll have to restart the hair growing process again after round 5. Maybe this week I’ll dye it purple. It will take it another three weeks or so to fall out again.

3 thoughts on “Integrative Perspective

  1. Eleanor Greenwall July 16, 2018 — 11:28 pm

    Thanks for the update and your careful and active participation in your plan of care. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Eleanor

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  2. PATRICIA A. McNULTY July 25, 2018 — 2:43 pm

    I do not know how to reach your friends and relatives, Andrea, so I am posting here that I have started a fundraiser at entitled HELP ANDREA SHREVE BEAT CANCER. Please, if you are friends and relatives of Andrea and/or Grant, go visit the site and spread the word to others. I do not have a FaceBook account, but that should be a good platform to use for everyone who is trying to get the word out there. Thanks.

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    1. Thank you so much Patou! I will forward the info elsewhere also. ❤️


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