Yesterday we got the full pathology report. Turns out there was high grade serous carcinoma in the left ovary and fallopian tube and in the right ovary and fallopian tube, as well as on the omentum, the outside of the uterus, and on the appendix, which they also took out.

I had not been told about the appendix. So note to self, if I ever suddenly have lower right abdominal pain, it is not my appendix. Good to know.

They also thought they had taken out a lymph node or two but the pathologist said no node found. Oops? That is part of how they determine that it has not metastasized and become stage IV. So that worries me a little bit.

Another thing that worries me a bit is that they did also find cancer in the “peritoneal washing.” In other words, after the removal of everything they wash out the abdominal cavity with saline and then test that. So while the surgery went very well in getting out the bulk of it, the cancer is still there microscopically. I think I knew to expect that, but it is still a little disconcerting.

So that leads me to my next concern. The allopathic docs will want me to do three more rounds of chemo to mop up these microscopic cancer cells. The integrative docs have allowed that maybe we can take it from here with “terrain support” which is to say that now that the vast majority is out and we’ve “downloaded the load,” as Dr. Fields says, now we can build up and support my body’s own immunity to respond to and keep in check any further cancerous cells that may be hanging around.

I really would prefer to handle it this way. And we have to wait another couple weeks for those appointments where we can discuss those options.

On another note, I had acupuncture yesterday, and will be having lymph drainage, massage, and essential oil treatment today.

Also, Allez les Bleus!!! 🇫🇷


2 thoughts on “Pathology

  1. Allez les bleus! I’m glad you’re on the road to recovery. Place de la Victoire was just as you might imagine tonight. Bisous de l’Auvergne!

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    1. Oh how I wish I’d been there! 🇫🇷


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