So being home is more painful. Ow. Mostly because I can move around more. While in the hospital I was basically on forced bedrest as my bed was alarmed and I wasn’t allowed to move around without nursing staff there because they considered me a “fall risk.” I even had special yellow socks to denote it.

Friday morning they decided I was no longer a fall risk, gave me tan socks, and let me loose.

I am apparently having to relearn my limits repetitively. Whew! A few minutes up and, “I gotta sit down!”

Boredom will be my teacher I suspect. And my computer is in the shop, so whatever I can do on my phone, or with actual books, is what I’ll be doing.

And resting.

I mean, it is important to get up and do walking around. It’s part of my homework, and prevents blood clots and pneumonia. But there is a limit to how much my middle can stand.

Speaking of blood clots, I’m in a research study, because it is a research hospital, about the relative efficacy of blood clot prevention medication by injection or pill. I got randomized into the pill group (yay!) so I don’t have to give myself twice-daily shots!

Continuing with the resting….

1 thought on “Ow

  1. Bordem is being aware of the passing of time I’ve heard”……don’t look at the clock I guess!
    Rest, Relax, rêve…….of when you’ll be ALL BETTER!!
    Ton Amie, Arla ❤️

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