Going Home Today

The doctors have come in and confirmed that yes I will be going home this morning. There had been discussion about whether my digestive system is really working well enough for me to leave, but they have decided that yes, I’m good to go. So yay!

I will be ready to sleep in my own bed and not have compression squeezing devices on my legs and not have a bed that does all of this motion all the time in order to prevent bedsores. At first I didn’t notice it because I was drugged enough but now that I am less drugged it’s more annoying, so that will be nice to be done with that.

Overall, I have felt very well supported here and I’m glad to have had their knowledge and expertise in my service, both doctors and nursing staff. Nurses rock!

Happily, the surgical team chose to close the wound not with staples so it’s a very nice small fine incision wound. I am glad about that. For some reason the possibility of a Frankenstein style scar bothered me more than hair loss. More permanent I suppose.

Regarding hair loss, there definitely are some upsides like ease and quickness of getting ready as well as the fact than many of my other body hairs are not as evident either, but I do confess to hair envy at this point. “Do you know how long it’s going to take for my hair to grow out that long??!!” Ugh. Years. Oh well.

In any case it’s time to have breakfast, to start packing up, and to follow the yellow brick road back home.

5 thoughts on “Going Home Today

  1. PATRICIA A. MCNULTY June 29, 2018 — 3:53 pm

    Ok, you made me smile. That’s a good thing. Today is not a happy day for my clan; it holds painful memories. So I was glad at the reprieve.
    So glad you are going home. Yes, hospital stays suck, no matter how great and attentive the medical team is. You’ll fall in love with your own bed all over again, and appreciate not being pulled out of sleep 20 times during the night for check-ups. Here is to your continued and steady recovery. Mwah! (I love the way Americans spell sounds…)

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  2. Yes, your following your road home…..yea! Where you belong! Quick recovery!!

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  3. You go girl! You’re in a good place.

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  4. A good nurse is worth her/his weight in gold. You are coming home in the fullness of summer to people and animals who love you. Well done Andrea, I salute you!

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  5. So glad you are home AND that you had good nurses!! That makes all the difference!
    Now rest up and get all recovered!!! Love you!

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