Oncologist’s Take On It

The short of it is that he is pleased. The tumor marker number is good. The results of the CT scan are good. “I don’t really see how this could have gone any better.” So we’re on for surgery on Monday. Relieved, I am.

The cancer has responded very well to chemo. The doctor said it responded as if I had the BRCA gene mutation even though I don’t.

Of course, I also believe that all the other things I’ve been doing have also enabled my body to repond as well as it has. This includes: mistletoe, nutrition & diet, CBD oil, counseling, acupuncture, energy work, lymph drainage, and lots of social support and love.

So thanks for your attention, folks. More on the other side.

4 thoughts on “Oncologist’s Take On It

  1. Eleanor Greenwall June 22, 2018 — 1:02 am

    Prayers for you on Monday and as you continue your journey. Also for your care team and healing. Eleanor

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    1. Thank you Eleanor!


  2. You must know that our prayers are for your surgeon’s knowledge and steady hands and for your
    complete recovery. I pray for you daily. Love you.

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