Exercise, CBD, Surgery, & Art


Last week I started seeing an exercise physiologist who specializes in oncology.  It began with the integrative oncologist, had to get cleared through a physical therapist for insurance purposes, and then I was able to meet with Joanne, the exercise physiologist at Avanti Therapy.

This will be good, *and* it will mostly have to wait until after I’ve recovered enough from surgery, which will most likely go ahead as planned on June 25th.

But I did learn a few interesting things about the effects of the paclitaxel, which is one of the chemo drugs.  I believe, if I’m remembering correctly, that it is responsible for muscle wasting, even up to 50%.  I’ve lost quite a lot of bulk (not quite the right word as I’m not naturally built as a bulky person, more of an Ectomorph/Vata type) and will need to rebuild after chemo and surgery.  She said it typically affects the shoulders, abdominal “girdle” as she said, and legs.  She was glad to report that my arms are doing okay but could tell the weakness in my legs.  So we will work that in the coming months.

Physiotherapy - therapist doing   excercises for improving coordinationThe interestingly difficult thing she had me do was stand one-legged first with eyes open and then with them closed.  Surprisingly, I can’t remember ever doing this, even as a kid.  And with eyes closed it is remarkably hard!  It was sort of like this –>

Apparently it is a symptom of the neuropathy from chemo, that muscles and nerves don’t communicate as well.  In any case, it is a very tippy experience.  So my homework is to walk, and practice standing one-legged-eyes-closed.


Marijuana leaf and cannabis oil bottles isolatedOne of the things that I’ve been told will help with neuropathy is CBD oil.  I’ve been taking it is orally and topically pretty religiously and it does seem to have helped head off neuropathy in my hands and feet to some degree.  I currently have no sensation of tingling or numbness as they told me I might, and which I did experience a little at the beginning.  I’ve been buying it from a woman who is a cancer survivor.  It is a person-to-person supply chain, and so I have signed up to be an affiliate.  So if you are interested, let me know.  For more information, see the website at PrimeMyBody

Surgery, Take 2

Group of surgeons in masks performing operation. Medicine, surgery and emergency help conceptsIn preparation for surgery on Monday, I had a CT scan, and all the blood work done yesterday.  My CA-125 number is not quite as low as the surgeon had wanted: 89.5 rather than 35 to 50.  But it is still WAY down from 3,500 originally.

We will see him tomorrow and get his take on all the results.  I haven’t had any communications to indicate he wants to postpone surgery yet again to get that number down, so I’m assuming were at go-ahead status.

I’ve been informed which of all my many pills to continue until when, and when to stop them, what to take immediately before, during, and after to boost my body’s ability to heal, etc.

I also would be happy to receive the benefit of prayers, positive energy, good vibes, happy juju, whatever you prefer to call it.

We didn’t end up putting out a huge Want List simply because it seems all the Wants are getting taken care of without it.  Thank you all, and Thank you Source.


I had the opportunity to go to a support group that uses art on Tuesday.  It was provided by Pathways Hospice, for those grieving the loss of someone, or those dealing with serious illness.  I figure I fit in the latter category.  It was about two hours of doing arty things on the topic of Affirmations.  I chose to focus on affirmations about surgery, and ended up with a cute little wall hanging.  I will see if I can hang it somewhere in my hospital room when the time comes.  img_5863

Thank you all for your support.  Gratitude.

4 thoughts on “Exercise, CBD, Surgery, & Art

  1. Keeping you in our prayers! Love you sweetie!!

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  2. PATRICIA A. MCNULTY June 21, 2018 — 10:20 pm

    Hi, Andrea. Thanks for the new post. I was anxious to see how you were making your days full, awaiting surgery. Glad to know you are still investigating and researching. Evidently, everyone who knows you is thinking about it and wishes it could have already happened and be history, know that you have fully recovered and that the results are good. Time can sometimes go by too fast, and some other times, too bloody slow. However, it’s coming upon us, so take heart. It’s going to be just fine.
    In regard to your post about therapy, I thought I would share this cute story. A friend of mine several years ago was telling me that, following a surgery she had just had, her therapist had asked her to brush her teeth with one leg up in the air and make some small circles with her foot while up. I had a “hmm moment.” I told her it wasinteresting because one of my dogs (Khol, who will be 10 years old in August) developed the habit as a puppy of coming into my bathroom every time he hears me brush my teeth. He gets really close to my left foot and rolls onto his back so I can rub his belly with my toes, then he switches sides to afford me a complete workout. It’s been almost 10 years since I have brushed my teeth with both feet on the floor… As you know, I am not in any great shape and older than you, so I just know you are going to do great!!!
    Love bunches.

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    1. Such a cute story! I can imagine it. 😄


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