One of the alternative, complementary, European sorts of things I’m doing is mistletoe.

Misteltoes on a tree with sun and blue sky

Two different doctors I’m consulting with are recommending it, so I’ve been doing subcutaneous injections, and just yesterday had an IV infusion of it. The sub-cu treatments just make an itchy spot around the injection point.

However, the infusion really kicked my butt. It’s like having the flu: tired, achy, headachy. I’ve been recovering. I was feeling really good, almost normal, the day before, but not today, maybe tomorrow.

As I understand it, it is sort of a homeopathic remedy because mistletoe is a parasite on a tree or bush (so why do we associate it with Christmas??!!), so causing the body to experience it causes it to kick the immune system into higher gear to fight off other parasitic things, like cancer.

It is used in Europe and is being studied in the U.S. One foundation helping to fund studies is Believe Big. They have an explanation here about what mistletoe is and does for a cancer patient.

As I’ve said, I’m doing All The Things possible.

3 thoughts on “Mistletoe

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted on progress. Keeping you in my prayers and love you!! Nancy

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  2. May God heal you soon


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