Today I got the results of the CA-125 test for which blood was drawn on Thursday last. Unfortunately, the holiday weekend delayed those results until today. However, fortunately, it is 123! Down from 400 right before second chemo. And down from the original reading of 3500 in March, when 0-35 is normal. Not quite the 35-50 that the gyn-oncologist had said was the target in order to consider surgery. However, I have been in touch with him and he is willing to do imaging, a.k.a. CT scan, and see if we are in a good enough place yet. So the third chemo, which is scheduled for this Thursday, may not happen, and for that I would be grateful. More news as events warrant.


1 thought on “123!

  1. Wonderful news Andrea, this just reinforces for me what a great medical team you have. Add exercise and I bet the numbers will get even better!

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