Today both Grant and I had acupuncture appointments. Mine was suggested by both my primary care physician (pcp) and my Jin Shin practitioner for the purpose of offsetting the effects of the chemo. This is probably good. The appointments seemed to go very well and of course were holistically minded, even to the point of recommending that we watch sad movies just to facilitate the releasing of emotion. As the doctor orders….

Chemo was Monday. They call that day 1. They told me to expect that days 3-7 would be the most difficult. They prescribed meds for nausea and vomiting but I really haven’t had that. What was worse was heartburn. I’ve also been struggling with some diarrhea, really since the laparoscopic procedure. So today we’ve also made inquiries with pcp about what to do about that. I need to be able to retain liquids and nutrients in order to get “weller.”

Over all I’m getting better from days 3 and 4 and am looking forward to reupping with life a bit more. The pets have been attentive and maybe a bit confused but hanging by.

An additional symptom they warned me about is neuropathy and I am feeling that a bit in my fingers and toes. Hoping that will be a temporary side effect. Otherwise, also general feeling of flu-like body aches and fatigue.

I have been encouraged by the acupuncturist as well as the nutritionist to try the modern iteration of the pressure cooker for quick, easy, healthy, eating, so invested in one of those today. Further feedback on that later. We’re being encouraged to eat mostly plant based and with no processed sugar, etc. My history of eating Paleo to avoid Mom’s RA makes switching over to essentially vegan a mental struggle for me. However animal proteins seem to feed cancer as do sugars. Paleo puts the kabash on grains and legumes because of lectins but apparently pressure cooking breaks down those lectins, so that will open up more food sources for me.

We’ve been out all day doing appointments, running errands and generally getting stuff done. Or really Grant has been doing most of these things while I sit and wait. Such a gem he is. Grateful.

Also, we’ve had a few enquires about people wanting to bring things by the house. Because of my dietary restrictions, food might be hard. Also with a cat in the house, flowers with lilies are out as they are toxic to cats who eat plants, which mine does. Really the most helpful thing might be a gift card to Natural Grocers if you feel like doing something for us. Gratefully received it would be.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print for now. Thanks for checking in.

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