Where we go from here

So…. apparently with the laparoscopy view they did see cancer and it has spread enough that they didn’t want to try and cut it out. They prefer to have me do chemo first to get it to shrink and then surgery will be later. Grant remembers that the doctor said it is likely a stage 3C cancer.

So (donc) they didn’t take out the cyst/mass. But luckily they were able to relieve me of 4 liters (!) of fluid/ascites. That helps me feel better. And the laparoscopic incisions are small enough to not create a lot of pain.

We will be working with Dr Fields and her office in FoCo to augment treatment by being supportive to my whole system.

Because they didn’t do the whole surgery, I will be being discharged today. We will do our next round of due diligence in research & opinion seeking, and so the next steps will happen in the next few days or a week.

Thank you all for your support so far!

2 thoughts on “Where we go from here

  1. So much to absorb…Andrea….
    I am imagining some overwhelm is present…
    Keeping you in my heart and prayers for good outcome continue…
    Much love and blessings…

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    1. Thank you Francine! Working on my C-fulness.


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