Tomorrow’s the Big Day

Tomorrow is the day for surgery.  I am frankly quite looking forward to getting this thing out.  Scheduled for 11:15 at University Hospital.

If the cyst/mass grew from 6cm to 25cm between March 2 and March 22, then it stands to reason, and it has been my experience so far, that it has continued growing.  My level of discomfort has been growing progressively in the form of further abdominal distention and pain, as well as back pain in the nights.  It will be such a relief to have made some progress.

Thank you to all our family and friends, as well as medical practitioners, who are supporting us in this.

We will know a lot more tomorrow after the pathology results come back.

Your prayers, positive vibes, positive thoughts, etc., will continue to be welcomed.

5 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s the Big Day

  1. Eleanor Greenwall April 2, 2018 — 8:17 pm

    Thinking of you especially today and tomorrow, knowing what you are dealing with will help with the journey.

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    1. Thank you Eleanor!


  2. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and praying for good news. Kathy Eller

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  3. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and praying for good news.

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  4. Sarah Swanlund April 3, 2018 — 9:35 pm

    Love, peace and blessings to you Andrea and Grant. I’m hoping for good news.
    Sarah S.

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